Shalisa Marie is the host of Shalisa Marie Radio and is passionate about creating safe spaces, where individuals are able to openly heal through conversation. Shalisa Marie is joined by her Co-Host(s) Patrice Deanna, Brittany Miller, and Shae Sienna. The SMR girls, get together on a weekly basis and and hold space for conversations that many may see as uncomfortable or unethical.


They focus on examining, confronting, and discussing not only their own realities, experiences, and struggles but their guests too. From time to time, they explore educational topics such as sexual health, credit & finances, spirituality and more; Their goal within each episode is to turn whichever lemons they are handed for the day into lemonade, every-time.

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Welcome to Talks with Tash, where we feel, heal and release. Rollup, inhale the good energy, exhale the bullshit, and let’s go deep! 


On this podcast we will cover a spectrum of topics that will tap into my transforming stories and conversations not just from myself but my amazing guests who will be coming on, every now and then!


By the end of each episode, you will walk away with good positive energy, personal growth, and knowing how to feel the pain, heal the pain, and release the pain. 


Thank you again for tuning into Talks with Tash and I look forward to creating dialogue with you every Thursday at midnight. 

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We understand how difficult it can be for a musician who has immense talent, but just can’t get the content, or marketing to make a move on their dreams.


In Concert is a music live session platform that dedicates itself to shining a light on Toronto's emerging artists. We provide an exclusive space for artists to enhance the visual aspect of their brand through a high quality music live session. 


Our team of music professionals find music live sessions extremely valuable to an artists’ career. When fans watch an artist live, it creates a synergy that continuously flows and makes them feel more connected. Live renditions carry a sense of immediacy and uniqueness that will never exist in a simple recording. This visual approach will create a connection between the artist and fans, allowing them to have a intimate view into who the artist is as well connect to their records in a more meaningful way. Artists can also use this material for future concert, showcase, or contest submissions. 


This is an opportunity for artists to promote their upcoming singles under our umbrella and have their music heard by thousands of new fans. We support underground artists and want to see you all win, because we believe that there is room for everyone to eat! 


If you're an underground artist looking to push your musical content to a bigger audience, please click here to submit your song to in concert. 


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